Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse

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Informations sur le média

Auteur(s) Agnès Varda
Producteur(s) Ciné Tamaris
Date de publication 2014/03/13
Durée 01:18:00
Langue du contenu FR, EN
Fait partie de Documentaires sur les communs
Média Vidéo
Pays France

The Gleaners and I (Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse) is a documentary of the French filmaker Agnès Varda published in France in 2000. It is about the gleaners raking freshly harvested fields to find edible crop residues and other types of gleaners.

Agnès Varda meet different people: young, old, farmers, welfare recipients , employees, retirees, in town or in the countryside, which will glean in the fields or scrounge in the trees after harvest , pick vegetables or fruits thrown out of class companies selling fruits and vegetables, retrieve food in bins of supermarkets, bakeries or end markets. The film also shows people collecting items in the trash or in the streets during the collection of bulky waste. These objects are repaired, reused by these people in their daily life by artists for their works of art. These "gleaners" such as Agnès Varda called in reference to Gleaners by Jean -François Millet, are close re-used movements.