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Degrowth (French: décroissance) is a term used for both a political, economic, and social movement as well as a set of theories that critiques the paradigm of economic growth. It can be described as an extensive framework that is based on critiques of the growth-centered economic system in which we are living. Degrowth is based on ideas from a diverse range of lines of thought such as political ecology, ecological economics, feminist political ecology, and environmental justice, pointing out the social and ecological harm caused by the pursuit of infinite growth and Western "development" imperatives. Degrowth emphasizes the need to reduce global consumption and production (social metabolism) and advocates a socially just and ecologically sustainable society with social and environmental well-being replacing GDP as the indicator of prosperity. Hence, although GDP is likely to shrink in a "Degrowth society", i.e. a society in which the objectives of the degrowth movement are achieved, this is not the primary objective of degrowth. Though the view is not supported by substantial quantitative evidence, the main argument of degrowth advocates is that an infinite expansion of the economy is fundamentally contradictory to finite planetary boundaries. Degrowth highlights the importance of autonomy, care work, self-organization, commons, community, open localism, work sharing, happiness and conviviality.

Source : http://dbpedia.org/resource/Degrowth

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تراجع النمو (arwiki)
Decrecimientu (astwiki)
Kiçilmə (azwiki)
Дегроут (bgwiki)
Decreixement (cawiki)
Nerůst (cswiki)
Wachstumskritik (dewiki)
Αποανάπτυξη (elwiki)
Degrowth (enwiki)
Daŭripova nekresko (eowiki)
Decrecimiento (eswiki)
Mittekasv (etwiki)
Desazkunde (euwiki)
مهار رشد (fawiki)
Talouslasku (fiwiki)
Décroissance (frwiki)
Décroissance (frwikibooks)
Décroissance (frwikiquote)
Decrecemento (glwiki)
Nemnövekedés (huwiki)
Հակաաճ (hywiki)
Decrescita (itwiki)
Decrescita (itwikiquote)
反成長 (jawiki)
Decrementum (lawiki)
Neaugsme (lvwiki)
Degrowth (nlwiki)
Antivekst (nowiki)
Descreissença (economia) (ocwiki)
Degrowth (plwiki)
Degrowth (plwikiquote)
Decrescimento (economia) (ptwiki)
Антирост (ruwiki)
Odrast (shwiki)
Nerväxt (svwiki)
Küçülme (trwiki)
Антизростання (ukwiki)
O`sishga qarshi kurashish (uzwiki)
Giảm phát triển (viwiki)
去增长 (zhwiki)

Q611217 Degrowth