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L'émission de radio Communs urbains, l'Atlas ! présentée par Remix the commons et réalisée en partenariat avec RAPTZ.COM

This is the main page for the REMIX the Commons project called “Communs Urbains, l’Atlas!”, a series of radio podcasts highlighting and reviewing different cases of commons in Europe. The major goal of this project is to diffuse criteria in the form of easily redistributed and accessible podcasts where commoners come together to discuss the legal tools used to emancipate the urban commons. In such cases, we define commoners as either local activists/participants of the commons space itself or commons-experts who are involved in the implementation of commons in cities. The radio podcasts themselves are based on a series of discussions on the implemented tactics of what we call “commoning”. In the hosted discussions, we invite different commoners to help us identify how such tactics have been used to bring several commons projects into fruition in different local contexts. These discussions contain rich analyses on how ‘commoning’ works in different cases, and what commoners do to co-produce, preserve, and maintain their commons.

In addition, these radio podcasts will give the commoners an ability to learn from each other about what tactics we’re used to achieve their goals. This project will therefore allow the sharing of each of these experiences, contributing to the global commons movement. Each podcast is not only a source of information, but the basis of a forum of discussions on how various stakeholders of urban commons can work together to create governance innovation and help improve the creation of urban commons. Our podcasts should be seen as a collaborative effort to pinpoint relevant legal tools of commons. The podcasts will highlight how we can use and interpret these tools effectively. The varied expertise of participating commoners will give us greater precision to identify and discuss such forms of collaboration, coproduction, and self governance schemes that make urban commons effective in each local context. This will allow us to understand the complexity and the richness of urban commons and the significance of the commons movement arising from this project.

In other words, the objective of this project is to produce content and knowledge stemming from the experience of these commoners. The podcasts will be a space in which commoners can express their feelings and expertise, making these podcasts forward-thinking and collaborative. We hope you enjoy these podcasts are they are made available in the audio links just below.

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