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* to strenghten, gain visibility and campaign better
* to strenghten, gain visibility and campaign better
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What is the European Commons Assembly?

Site web=http://europeancommonsassembly.eu European Commons Assembly is an ongoing process that facilitates pluralistic debate regarding the strategy and agenda for a fundamentally united political vision. It supports activists’ continued engagement in concrete, collaborative and bottom-up actions and campaigns in Europe, and ultimately helps to build a flourishing European political civil society movement for the commons.

The main objectives were defined in the initial meeting CommonsWatch (see Commons Watch Report):

  • to stand in solidarity around our diverse struggles for the commons,
  • to exchange experiences, case studies and other information,
  • to develop and govern resources in an open, participatory and inclusive manner (funding, infrastructures...) to support our activities,
  • to develop policies to preserve the commons and commoners and participate in lawmaking processes,
  • to strenghten, gain visibility and campaign better
MédiaAuteurParticipantType de documentDuréeLangue(s)
A Conversation between DiEM25 and Commoners - How to Build an Alternative Together?Vidéo00:24:12EN
Commons Watch ReportEYNAUD LéaTexteEN
Energy as a Common GoodBLANCHET CecileVidéo00:02:41EN
European Commons Assembly, Brussels. 15-17 November 2016Vidéo00:06:19EN
Food as a Common GoodVIVERO Jose LuisVidéo00:03:00EN
Interview with Bob Kartous, EDUinKARTOUS BobVidéo00:04:45EN
Interview with Cecile Blanchet, Commons NetworkBLANCHET CecileVidéo00:04:36EN
Interview with David Juárez, Arquitecturas colectivasJUAREZ DavidVidéo00:12:13EN
Interview with Ernest Urtasun, Member of the European ParliamentURTASUN ErnestVidéo00:04:23EN
Interview with Ismäel Sene, Horizons des comunsSENE IsmäelVidéo00:09:50EN
Interview with Iva Čukić, Ministry of SpaceČUKIC IvaVidéo00:05:58EN
Interview with Kimmo Hokkanen, Ehta RahaHOKKANEN Kimmo
Interview with Marco Clausen, PrinzessinnengartenCLAUSEN MarcoVidéo00:10:59EN
Interview with Nicolas Krausz, Fondation Charles Leopold MayerKRAUSZ NicolasVidéo00:08:26EN
Interview with Silke Helfrich, Commons Strategies GroupHELFRICH SilkeVidéo00:08:53EN
Interview with Sophie Bloemen et David Hammerstein, Commons NetworkBLOEMEN Sophie
Interview with Sophie Ghyselen, Community Land TrustGHYSELEN SophieVidéo00:09:39EN
Right to the CityVidéo00:03:31EN


Policy proposals

Citizen Science Commons, Democracy, Digital Commons, Ecovillages Policy Proposal, Energy Commons, Food Commons v2, LandGalicia Commons, Natural Commons, Solidarity Economy Commons, Territories of Commons, Welfare Commons


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