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My name is Iva Cukic and I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade where I earned my doctoral degree in urban planing. The areas of my research include public property management, public space, self-organisation, DIY philosophy and urban-cultural discourse. In 2010. I co-launched one of the first initiatives aimed at fostering citizens’ participation in urban development, initiating dialogue between citizens, social activist, urban developers, architects and city officials about development of the city, called Ministry of Space. From 2012. I’m program and art director of the Street Gallery in Belgrade, first public exhibition space for community and for sharing and co-creation. In 2014. I co-initiated movement “Don’t let Belgrade d(r)own” which was set up to oppose controversial Belgrade Waterfront Project, and gained massive public attention after a wave of protests denouncing government corruption and calling for the mayor’s resignation after a series of illegal demolitions were undertaken in late April to clear land along the Sava River for the new development. I also work as teacher assistant on the Interdisciplinary studies at the Department for urban planning at Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. I’m an author of the publication „Map of action“ about the urban activism in Serbia, for which I got a special prize. In the partnership with two NGOs from Belgrade, in November this year we started the project - Studies of the Commons, which seeks to explore, apply and experiment with the concept of commons in the local/regional context. The overall objective of the project is to encourage critical thinking and acting, to offer and examine new models of education, production, collective organization and management, with an aspiration to propose and discuss new ways of sustainable, equitable and participatory social organization. I’m a member of INURA (International Network for Urban Research and Action) and Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia.