08 Accounting, Economics and Law. A Convivium

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Date de création 2011
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Revue electronique transnationale et interdisciplinaire en sciences economiques et sociales.

Accounting, Economics and Law: A Convivium (CONVIVIUM) is a transnational and interdisciplinary journal devoted to foster a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between individuals, organizations, and institutions in economy and society.
While many journals cover accounting, economics and law separately, the intersection of these fields denotes common and significant concerns in society. Institutional rules and social norms are critical to workings of organizations. Beyond their technical aspects, these issues have broader societal and global consequences. CONVIVIUM is intended to their study.
Concerns of finance, control, accountability, responsibility, valuation, regulation, and governance will be raised in their connection with accounting, economics, law, sociology, anthropology, history, finance, political science, and the management and policy sciences.
Focusing at the connections among social disciplines, CONVIVIUM provides a unique outlet for inter-disciplinary and combined perspectives. It welcomes transnational co-operative contributions (geographical variety), cross-fertilization of ideas (methodological tolerance and pluralism), and will provide a supportive peer review process.