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I am an architect, academic, researcher and activist, interested in aspects and forms of community, urban commons, sustainability and complexity. My doctoral-and ongoing research of many years involves alternative communities and their spatial and social characteristics, including ecocommunities, the kibbutz movement, intentional communities and over the past 2-1/2 years, indigenous communities.

We just completed a joint workshop between NTUA/Athens and PUCE/Quito for the community of Chamanga on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador, designing its public communal space with a participatory design process while the ongoing MET workshop building peer-to-peer knowledge and cooperation around the cases of ports of air and water in transition was presented in the form of a Side Event we organized last week in the context of Habitat III (Quito). In this process several workshops, research projects, presentations, and activist actions reveal commoning developments. By switching scales from local to global and by overcoming national frameworks, we attempt to understand horizontally the nature of several complex processes underway. We intervene by facilitating exchange of knowledge and experience, and by forming a transnational research network with partners urbanists, researchers and activists across cities, currently in Europe and Latin America.