De Remix Biens Communs


I am a researcher and activist on commons over the last seven years. I have been actively involved in many "commons" initiatives both in UK and Greece, as well as in the Commons Festival in Athens where I co-organised the workshop "Feminist approaches to the commons", inspired by the work of Sylvia Federici.

I am particularly interested in the notion of labour and reciprocity in digital commons communities and the political subjectivation around the commoning practices, which i study along with contemporary social movements.

Being involved with a Social and Solidarity Economy initiative in Athens over the last year, I came to understand the necessity of studying the collaborative commons economies under the light of the tradition of cooperatives and more broadly the social and solidarity economy initiatives.

Last but not least, I do claim that it is of particular importance to reinvent a contemporary feminist approach within the commons culture, since it seems that it has been a domain dominated by men and masculine perception.