Draft of Description Categories of Charters and Regulations

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Atlas des chartes des communs urbainsDraft of Description Categories of Charters and Regulations

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How the charter defines:

  • The commons
  • Players
  • Civic participation
  • The purpose of sharing (the resource)
  • The goods and the means related
  • The fundamental rights related
  • The Distribution of user rights mecanisms
  • The economy of commoning in the field (labor, taxes / exemptions, currency, ...)
  • The nature of the rights opened by the charter : opposable | unenforceable, principle policy | charter usable in the governance of a resource.

Tools deployed by using this charter

  • Models: of, contracts, accounting and reporting tools, regulation(s), decision making process, control and security
  • Information and documentation system and reporting
  • Open and sharing data processes
  • Public-citizen disussion and co-design spaces
  • Conciliation and conflict resolution instances
  • School of commoning
  • Conviviality and social activities around the charter and/or the commons

Sort of organzations shareholders

personnes morales: individu ou organisation

  • civil society organzations
    • Group of citizens
    • Association
    • Coop
    • Trust, local foundations
    • Neighbourhood or district citizen committeess
  • Authority shareholders==
    • Local, global, régional
    • Private/public
    • Public/Commons

Situation of the charter / Etat de la charte :

  • Being developed, adopted, completed
  • Written by who (people, organization, authority, ...)
  • Initiatives based on the charter
  • Scope :
    • Geographical
    • duration
    • mode of reconduction
    • Ressources
  • Juridical context
    • Article de loi,
    • règlements
    • ....

Citizen empowerment processes related

  • to develop methods and tools for the co-production of politics
  • to develop the skills required for the management of the resource
    • Citizen self empowerment / Self-managed
  • to develop the quality of democratic governance
  • to preserve and transmit the memory of the charter