Co-ops, Commons, and the Partner State

De Remix Biens Communs
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Dans la collection : Colloque "Vers une République des biens communs ?"

Enjeu(x) : Économie sociale,  État partenaire  

This presentation focuses on the central role that co-operatives and commons play in the formulation and implementation of a new political economy oriented around the common good. The presentation will review the historical links between the two movements and how their respective histories and values reveal the underlying social dynamic that is at the heart of a continuous struggle for economic democracy and social justice. A key part of the presentation is exploring a new vision for the role and operation of the State as enabler and resource for the empowerment and mobilization of civil society for the production of social benefit. I call this the Partner State. How such a state might operate is explored through the examination of how co-operative systems have operated in regions such as Emilia Romagna, in the use of social co-operatives, and the experience of digital commons in scaling democratic systems.


Auteur(s) RESTAKIS John
Date de création 2016/09/15
Date de publication 2017/02/04
Durée 00:30:16
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Fait partie de Colloque "Vers une République des biens communs ?"
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