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Une définition des communs proposée par Michel Bauwens, Thailand / Belgium, tirée d'un entretien réalisé par AMBROSI Alain, lors de la Conférence Internationale sur l'économie et les communs qui se déroulait à Berlin du 22 au 24 mai 2013.

Cette capsule est une contribution au projet "Definir les communs".

"Basically for me the commons is leading your life and always thinking about how all other living beings can benefit from it; so not just humanity but actually all living beings. So just yes it has to nourish yourself, but to do it in such a way that it also nourishes and spreads the benefits to more and more people. As opposed to the way it is supposed to work in our system which is simply as a question “how does it benefit me?”, and just hoping that somehow, indirectly, others may benefit from our selfishness. So I think we have to more directly pose the necessity and idea of everything we do has to create value for all living beings."


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A definition of the commons proposed by Michel Bauwens, Thailand / Belgium, taken from an interview conducted by AMBROSI Alain, at the Economics and the Commons Conference which took place in Berlin from 22 to 24 May 2013.

This capsule is a contribution to the project "Define the commons".