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I am Chantal Delmas from Transform! european network. Transform! is working on Commons since 3 years. We organize seminars in different countries of Europe. Inside these seminars we try to mix reasearchers and activists approaches. We think the concept of commons may be one main point of an alternativ society to the capitalism. We are particulary involved in the topic of production and commons. We try to mix people working in big factory who fight for their rights for another way to work than in a marchandising way.(contents of labour,condition of work....)and people working in selfmanaged entreprises like cooperativs. We want as well in the topic of commons to emphasis ,enlighten the question of production and reproduction . Our main purpose is to arrive to put the Commons at the center of the society and not keeping them at the marging. The capitalist property which rule all our institution and exclude the Commons is one of the main obstacle to keep commons alive,and to grow the process of building commons. We need to work strongly on this question of institution ,particulary at the european level,knowing it is not just a question to write new institutions,but fight for these new intitution,belongs as well to the class struggle.

find below the link of our last ebook about socialisation and commons: