De Remix Biens Communs


I desire to understand better , what’s about the change of decisional processes today, the discard of authority in front of authoritativeness, crossing the assemblees . How processes of mutualism-commoning are rimapping the use of territory. The way the art’s activism opens to research of a new type/posture of decisioning. From the studies in museografy, the doctorate in the University of Architecture and the PhD in museography and exhibition design, giving particular attention to the rivitalization of the ‘ diffused’ museum –concept from the 70’s based on branch pratice and the connectiveness to use/safeguard/rigeneration of territory like sedime in the culture of work in opposition to the folklore – to crossing Macao, indipendent cultural centre in Milan, being part to make happen the NowHere.Active residence : debut of artistic coproduction based on putting together the resources of l’Open Program Workcenter of Jerzi Grotowski and Thomas Richards coming together with Freddy Paul Grunert (associate curator at the ZKM – GlobalActivism) e philosopher/artist, sympathizer of Teatro Valle), to give life to Ceçi n’est pas une table: experiment of an unexpected ‘ agora’ agitated by contemporary art rejectioning the tables-tabula-tablet-tabloid- actif geometrical enclosures of negotiation. 1st (but the experimentation is going on) on the 1st Commons International Festival in Chieri (TO), 2015,

Last participation: the real of reality, novembre 2016,