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Director of Medialab UGR - Research Laboratory for Digital Culture and Society at the University of Granada ( in Spanish; about us in English:

Here you can find more information about me (and below about the lab):

Information about Medialab UGR

MediaLab-UGR is a Citizen Lab born within the University focused to serve as a open physical and digital space to the society. It acts as a meeting point for research, analysis, and the dissemination of opportunities generated by digital technologies in the areas of culture and society.

MediaLab-UGR is part of the University of Granada’s Vice-Rectorate for Research and Knowledge Transfer and therefore, as institution, we have a solid reputation in managing European projects. Medialab strives to serve as an open laboratory for the generation of proposals at the University and society, as a research hub, and as an experimental space for exploring creativity and new ways of generating knowledge.

The best keywords that define Medialab-UGR are: public engagement, experimentation, innovation, active citizenship, openness.

More information about us and our projects For further information about the whole projects developed by Medialab UGR, ways of engaging with people and experimental and innovative approaches to solve social challenges carried out by our Lab, please check the comprehensive presentation in English in the following link:

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Here, there is a selection of relevant projects in relation to public and civic engagement: LabIN Granada - a Citizen Lab for Granada ( LabIN stands for Laboratory of Innovation. The project is conceived as a citizen laboratory for Granada focused on local citizen innovation. It implements a methodology based on the generation of ideas, the prototyping of solutions and the development of projects for a territory. It entails a network of citizen participation, which has two dimensions: Physical space (like a laboratory for citizen social innovation for Granada) and Digital space (a global platform for the generation of ideas and the development of prototypes and projects. This platform is under consideration at the Regional Government in Andalusia (Spain) to implement the future Social Participation Law.