De Remix Biens Communs

My name is Óscar Górriz, I spend most of my time working in the "Casa Colorida", a Commons lab and artists/activists/researchers' hub in Nigrán, a sea village close to the city of Vigo. We are about 8 people now, living together under common economy and resources, working in fronts like sharing economies, networking, culture, degrowth, eco-gardening, social activism, communication... and offering room, food and resources to other agents for communitary development processes.

I/we are also engaged in a network called GZimaxinaria, about Libre & Digital Culture and the Commons. Inside this network we have been building close relationships all around our region from Galiza to Porto among several collectives and agents working in diverse stuff like techs, urbanism, arts, integral revolution, philosophy, local commons, direct democracy... We have common applications like annual meeting fairs, digital networks and tools for collaboration.

Althoug most of our work is donde locally or in a regional basis, we are as well giving some time to work in the FairCoop project for a rebel and ethic glo-cal economy worldwide, based in digital tokens and a network of conscious people and collectives trading in common global/local markets.

My biggest interest to participate here is to hear/learn from processes all around Europe and make some connections that would strengthen our resillience as local autonomous projects in self-organized distributed mesh.