De Remix Biens Communs


I am head of communications in EDUin, NGO deeply involved in field of education. EDUin serves as a watchdog permanently confronting education policies in Czech Republic and as an information joint among government, businesses, schools and another NGOs. We also run several projects. Their common base is focus on innovations. One of them is support to the Open Education Resources, project financed by Open Society Fund. We has created Alliance for open education which members are organizations and individuals engaged in education, technologies etc. More details about our activities in English:

Personally: I do regularly publish about education in many of Czech media and serves as regular media commentator of educational events. Teacher at University of Economics and Management in Prague. I do contribute to launch business start up Education Republic. In 2015 I participated on the content and realization of Forum 2000 in Prague, one of the most high profile annual event in Czech Republic. Last year was education choosen as main theme of conference. Together with the Center of contemporary culture DOX I have created Map of social stereotypes. I do participate on the implementation of Philip Zimbardo’s Heroic Imaginations Project into the newly starting Silent memorial Bubny in prague etc. He focus not only education, his next field of interest are media. He is editor of Czech critical internet daily Britské listy. I have graduated from Pedagogical Faculty and Faculty of Sports Studies MU in Brno and hold PhD from Media Institute at Faculty of Social Sciences UK in Prague.