De Remix Biens Communs


With the Heinrich Boell Foundation (HBF), based in Berlin/Germany. HBF is a publically financed foundation, the political affiliate of the German Alliance 90/The Greens Party.

Since 2010, my project is been to nurture and support commoners and the commons and the search for the alternatives that we so badly need, alternatives to the neoliberal model of globalisation, the current world disorder and the ill conceived economic recipies that lead to plunder of people and the planet.

I am working for quite some years now with BAUWENS Michel, HELFRICH Silke and their American collegue BOLLIER David of the Commons Strategies Group, Together we have organised with commoners from many countries two major conferences in 2010 (International Commons Conference ICC and in 2013 the Economics and the Commons Conference ECC; two volumes have been published by Silke and David on the Commons that many of you probably know: and more recently:

I have worked with TRONCOSO Stacco of the P2P Foundation, SULTAN Frédéric and BLOEMEN Sophie who have both in different ways contributed to the gathering in the coming days and I am very happy to see that a big network unfolds and hope that the Assembly process is bearing fruits for networking, mutual learning and a strategic side by side to of the many initiatives to make our Europe a place of tolernance, respect and wellbeing for the many.

I am also happy to see friends and allies from the Charles Léopold Meyer Foundation, KRAUSZ Nicolas, and the European Cultural Foundation with whom we are aligned in our support for policies and politics in favor of commons and commoning.