De Remix Biens Communs


I'm an urban 'activist' since long years in Brussels working on differents fields like public space, environment, food, cultural diversity, community territories. More specifically I work on water issues with the association "Etats Généraux de l'Eau à Bruxelles" that I have contribute to create. This organization propose to work with hydrologic communities (living labs) on the basis of this concept : "Solidarité de vallée". Technically - because the question of the commons are technological questions too - we propose to elaborate " new urban rivers" which are note more than a network of decentralized devices cocreates with inhabitants of the valley. This kind of program is not yet fully recognized by the authorities who are continuing to develop centralized technology. But academics of this city are really interested.

On the field of the commons self, I have propose several years ago the concept of Festival des biens communs which became Commons Josaphat. This project is now one of the main project in Brussels about the commons. It will be presented during our meeting. I would like to propose to work in Brussels about the Commons of our Commons, which can be an Commons Assembly of Brussels.

I'm working also with trade union. I accompany the Region du Centre FGTB to create something like an " atlas of the commons" in this Region. It is a very interesting experience in this very depressed part of the country. The main question is how not to be fatalist after the crisis, and the closure of heavy industry. How to take our life in hand without expecting the response of the "Messie", the big capital coming from outside…