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My background is on computer science and engineering, and I have worked as an academic interdisciplinary researcher for 12 years on incentive mechanisms (both economic and non-economic) for peer-to-peer systems and the NetHood project, or what we have called recently "the right to the hybrid city":

Since January 2016, I have quit academia and co-founded NetHood,, as an official Zurich-based non-profit organization.

We were lucky to get involved immediately in two EU Horizon 2020 CAPS projects: netCommmons and MAZI project They are both inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches on the concept of DIY networking and community (wireless) networks. See also a recent special JoPP issue:

Through this work, and envisioning various possible synergies between different forms of peer production, we have become very active in two concrete areas of local collective action:

Our main focus is on extracting knowledge from a few concrete success stories, like WIR/ complementary currencies and Zurich's "young" cooperative housing projects.

For cooperative housing, you might also find this page interesting:, on which I am working together with Hans Widmer (aka P.M.) and you might wish to consider joining us in Venice, October 28-30th:

For currencies, the NetHood team will be at the upcoming MoneyLab #3 in Amsterdam, December 1-2, to present the "Flexonomix District-Currency Game":