De Remix Biens Communs


I have been doing research on and been involved in a wide variety of commons, temporary and "permanent" - material and "immaterial", since the early 1990s.

11 years in university began with computing science, social history, law, sociology and philosophy - studying the evolution of information technology from cave paintings to cyberspace with reference to the development of human societies and consciousness - and ended with an interdisciplinary PhD thesis titled "Property, Commoning and the Politics of Free Software" [1]

I am currently involved in the creation of a global seed commons inspired by open source concepts, which brings together different open source seeds initiatives from around the world with a view to finding a common, conceptual ground that will allow exchange between these initiatives and thus realise a global commons.

A great source of inspiration for paradigmatically different ways of sharing, living and learning in common has been two years working with indigenous people in the Amazon, to where I will also return soon and spend considerable time the next three years.

I do freelance work editing and preparing texts of various kinds for publication, incl. in peer-reviewed academic journals.