De Remix Biens Communs


I joined the list as been helping out Matthew Slater with his Virtual Currencies/Community Accounting modules for Drupal ( and he mentioned this event but I missed out on the opportunity to attend sadly, but extremely glad I found this list - so many amazing, inspiring projects people are working on!

I spent the weekend watching the Platform Coop conference stream, I'm working on one for Drupal which I've been a part of for 13-odd years now. We have a unique situation as the largest Free/Libre Open Source Software community in terms of contributors however both benefit and suffer from the large amounts of money involved in some aspects of it.

My particular angle has always been to improve the marketing of the project and helped set up the marketing & branding committee of the Drupal Association back in 2012 when I spent a year as the first ever community-elected 'At Large' Director before I discovered trying to change the system from within the system isn't gonna work, we need a bottom-up solution hence why I've landed in the platform coop space.