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We are a none for profit organisation with the prime interest in finding methods of constructing urban or knowledge commons. Public works is a not-for-profit critical design practice, set up in 2004, that works within the terrain of architecture, art and design activism to bring about positive social and environmental change and support urban democracy. Together with out extended interdisciplinary network, we re-work spatial, social and economic opportunities towards citizen driven development with the intention to improve civic life. We forge long-term relationships with our clients and collaborators to build trust and enable co-authorship in city making. Our projects, research and teaching methods act as catalysts for this.Our outputs include discursive events, campaigns, urban strategies, participatory art and architecture across all scales. Its aesthetic and scale are determined by the external collaborators involved and project locality, which makes every public works project unique. Currently all of our projects are experimenting with and examining methods with which we can claim land from the private sector into common ownership. We work both with local authorities and policies to negotiate on behalf or sometimes with community groups in their engagement in self governance and development of their neighbourhoods.