De Remix Biens Communs

I’m a registered architect and Ph.D. in Urban Design. As IPODI-Marie Curie fellow, I’m currently based at the Technical University Berlin - Institute of City and Regional planning, where I am working on my project “Beyond the Noise: Open Source Soundscapes."

Based on the assumption that quietness in cities should be considered as a commons, I’ve developed a citizen-driven methodology to analyze, evaluate and plan small, quiet areas on the local scale and I’m experimenting with it in Berlin, by means of a pilot study.

In order to empower people to identify and evaluate quietness in cities, I’ve also developed the Hush City app, which is free and it runs on both iOS and Android devices. Hush City app was released in April 2017 and since then quiet areas have been crowdsourced both in Europe and in the USA. In case you may want to give it a try, here you will find more info!

I’d welcome the possibility to meet commoners based in Berlin, and I hope to have the possibility to join you all in next conferences/events.