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I am both a community-based researcher, and a consultant, based in France Brittany. I am also an Administrator of the SCIENCES CITOYENNES NGO, based in Paris. Citizen Science, Social Innovation and the Commons are the three key words to describe my field of interest

I am French citizen, born in Senegal. I live in Brittany, a very dynamic and resourceful region in the west of France. I am an action-researcher and a consultant.

I am mainly interested in Civic Entrepreneurship (The process of developing Commons), community-development, and alternative economic & social models. On that purpose I developed a « Knowledge Innovation Value » (KIV) generic canvas which can be used to document and analyse the various existing commons models. I am also involved in the Citizen Science, Scientific Commons & Slow Science Movements.

My background is in management & socio-economic research. I’ve been working and consulting general management and change management in various companies and sectors during a decade, before doing my Phd at HEC Paris. Then I worked in several Business Schools as an academic and faculty manager.

I am a Board Member of Sciences Citoyennes, and involved in several organisations in France (CNRS PARCS research network ; GALLECO Complementary Currency ; Rennes en Communs network ; and very recently La Coop des Communs)