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Marita Muukkonen and I, Ivor Stodolsky, run Perpetuum Mobile (PM), based in Helsinki, Berlin, Athens and the Provence. Our platforms are often commons-oriented, especially the PLURIversity ("A Co-Op of Co-Ops for Helsinki",, the PM Commons Collection, and The Arts Assembly ( open social format. A current special focus is the Artists at Risk (AR) platform, which works with " immigré" ( refugee) artists and people at risk in third countries. We cooperate on occasion with the P2P foundation and FairCoop, among others.

Perpetuum Mobilε, co-founded by Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen in 2007, is a curatorial vehicle which brings together art, practice and enquiry. It acts as a conduit and engine to re-imagine certain basic historical, theoretical as well as practical paradigms in fields which often exist in disparate institutional frames and territories. PM has worked extensively in the Nordic, European and international field. In 2016 Perpetuum Mobile was awarded ArtHelsinki's Annual Art Act Award platform and for AR-Safe Haven Helsinki and the European Citizen's Prize for Artists at Risk (AR) by the European Parliament.

Perpetuum Mobilε develops longer-term thematic projects which come to include conferences, workshops, residencies, small and large exhibition formats, public and street art, publications, films and so on.