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Straddle3 is a Barcelona-based multidisciplinary collective that works on open source urban projects, like the transformation of vacant urban sites into community spaces, DIY houses built out of recycled materials, participatory social/cultural facilities and free software tools for collaborative urban action. We believe in bottom-up collaboration projects, supported by open source platforms and technologies. The internet, when free and open, can be a fundamental tool for cooperation. That's why through the years we have taken part in the development of several free software tools for collaborative architecture and urban transformation:,, and, among others. Recently we have been working on improving Public Space Tools, a collaborative platform created to share experiences and good practices related to public space, and also to explain how they were carried out in practical terms. We want to focus on process, particularly from the perspective of legal and bureaucratic obstacles which can be solved more easily when shared, and to contribute to the common battle for the right to public space.