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Tactical Chartering Manifesto 10 Definitions
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This document is a overencompassing guide that helps to create a commons charter written with the objective to assist in the self-governance of an urban commons.
Ce document est une tentative de guide pour aider à la création de chartes des communs urbains.

This work (in progress) is one of the results of the project Atlas of the charters of the urban commons.

This document is divided in a series of chapters describing the content and the process of creation of a charter of the urban commons : relevant players in the charter development, and key tasks for following the tactical chartering guidelines for urban commons.
People interested in being involved in the commons can determine their role in the development of the charter by carefully going over each chapter of this document. With that said, this document can be viewed and used in different perspectives. While this document is supposed to provide general guidelines, there are specific tasks or components of the document that pertain to specific goals of each commons.
The format is supposed to allow linkages between each component and each commons. Such components come from key concepts found in the Remix of the Commons website and from other sources of scientific and academic literature. In addition, documented experiences of tactical chartering are highlighted here to review lessons learned on charters that were created in the past.
The document is intended to be open, so interested peoples can review, modify, and provide feedback and support for this document.

Ce travail (en cours de progression) est l'un des résultats du projet Atlas des chartes des communs urbains.

Ce document est divisé en une série de chapitres qui décrivent les contenus et les processus de création de chartes des communs urbains. Les personnes engagées dans les communs urbains peuvent s'appuyer sur ces documents pour définir leur rôle dans l'élaboration de la charte, identifier les acteurs pertinents et leurs rôles dans le développement des communs, les taches clés à réaliser, etc.
Ce document peut être consulté et utilisé dans différentes perspectives. Ils propose une approche générale, mais inclue aussi des éléments qui se rapportent à des communs spécifiques. Le format permet de faire des liens entre les différents éléments et des communs urbains spécifiques. Ces liens constituent des concepts clés proposés dans le site Remix of the Commons auquels s'ajoutent d'autres sources de littérature scientifique et académique.
En outre, les expériences documentées de commoning permettent d'identifier les leçons apprises à travers les expériences des chartes créées dans le passé. Le document est ouvert afin que les personnes intéressées puissent examiner, modifier et fournir des commentaires qui pourront améliorer ce travail.


Tactical Urbanism

Community chartering


(See also Tactical Chartering Manifesto/ 10 Definitions

Concepts mentionned in the Tactical Chartering Manifesto 
 Concepts described in the pageAuthor / Auteur
Tactical Chartering Manifesto/ 10 DefinitionsKnowledge City
Urban green commons
Allotment Garden
Community garden
Urban Resilience Management
Cognitive Resilience Building
Socio-ecological Memory
Park Conservancy
Regulatory Slippage
Friends Group
Business Improvement District
Open Source Urbanism
Peer-2-Peer Urbanism
Open Co-operativism
Cultural Commons
Social Practice of communing
Neighborhood Commons Sector
Infrastructure Commons
Academic commons
Education Commons
Global commons
Polycentric order
Collective Action
Public and Collective Good
Common Property
Common Pool Resource
Tactical Chartering Manifesto/ Actors and stakeholdersFriends Groups
Park Conservancies
Non-Governmental/Non-Profit Organizations
Municipalities and Governing Bodies
Small Local Businesses and Enterprises
Platform Co-operatives
Academic Researchers
Small-scale actions serving a larger purpose
An offering of local ideas for planning local challenges
Short term commitment and realistic expectations
Development of Social Capital
Participatory Planning
Online Sharing Tactics
Tactical Chartering Manifesto/ Making sure the urban commons is space that is to stayPermanent establishments
Character of the neighborhood
Developing lessons learned
Documenting experiences
Entity to stay
Cognitive Resilience Building
Tactical Chartering Manifesto/ Objectives to Tactical CharteringTo obtain Cognitive Resilience Building
To achieve Permanency
To avoid Free Riding
To utilize Open Source Urbanism
To pursue participative democracy
To use collaboration
Tactical Chartering Manifesto/ Putting a labelClassifications
Labelled types of commons
Focused infomation distribution
Tactical Chartering Manifesto/ Understanding the neighborhoodCharacter of the neighborhood
Historical accounts
Identity of a neighborhood
Tactical Story-Sharing
Cultural Awareness
Detecting of qualities
Tactical Chartering Manifesto/Engaging in DialogueQuestionnaire Development
Interview Participation
Townhall meetings
Leadership Facilitation
Social Media facilitation
Collective Action
Roles of Responsibility
Democratic approach to decision making
Group Creation
Division of Responsibility
Community conversation
Network establishment
Implementing De Jure Rights
Supporting De Facto Rights
Tactical Chartering Manifesto/Social and Physical Space AssessmentPhysical aspect of a space
Theory of mental mapping
Determining the boundaries of the neighborhood
Determining what this urban commons will be used for
Condition Identification
Fencing Detection and Enclosure Recognition
Access Points
Physical Mapping
Stanley Milgram
AuteurGUTTMANN Alexandre + and SULTAN Frédéric +
This document is a overencompassing guid
This document is a overencompassing guide that helps to create a commons charter written with the objective to assist in the self-governance of an urban commons.
Ce document est une tentative de guide pour aider à la création de chartes des communs urbains.
la création de chartes des communs urbains. +
ProducteurRemix the commons +
Type de documentFiche +