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Taxonomy is the practice and science of categorization based on discrete sets. The word is also used as a count noun: a taxonomy, or taxonomic scheme, is a particular categorisation. The word finds its roots in the Greek language τάξις, taxis (meaning 'order', 'arrangement') and νόμος, nomos ('law' or 'science'). Originally, taxonomy referred only to the categorisation of organisms or a particular categorisation of organisms. In a wider, more general sense, it may refer to a categorisation of things or concepts, as well as to the principles underlying such a categorisation. Taxonomy is different from meronomy, which is dealing with the categorisation of parts of a whole. Many taxonomies have a hierarchical structure, but this is not a requirement. Taxonomy uses taxonomic units, known as "taxa" (singular "taxon").

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Taxonomie (alswiki)
علم التصنيف (عام) (arwiki)
Taksonomiya (azwiki)
Taksonomi (banwiki)
Taxonomie (barwiki)
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پۆڵێنزانی (ckbwiki)
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Ταξινομία (elwiki)
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Taksonoomia (etwikiquote)
آرایه‌بندی (fawiki)
Taxinomie étendue (frwiki)
Taksonomy (fywiki)
Tacsanomaíocht (ginearálta) (gawiki)
Taxonomía (glwiki)
Rang-oardraghey (gvwiki)
טקסונומיה (hewiki)
वर्गिकी (hiwiki)
Taksonomija (hrwiki)
Taksinomi (htwiki)
Rendszertan (huwiki)
Տաքսոնոմիա (hywiki)
Taxonomia (iawiki)
Taksonomi (idwiki)
Tassonomia (itwiki)
分類体系 (jawiki)
Таксономия (kkwiki)
분류 체계 (kowiki)
Таксономия (kywiki)
Taxinomia (lawiki)
Taksonomi (map_bmswiki)
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Tassonomia (napwiki)
Taxonomie (ndswiki)
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Taxinomia (ocwiki)
Taxonomia (geral) (ptwiki)
Taxonomie (rowiki)
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Taxonomy (simplewiki)
Taksonomija (slwiki)
Kupatsanura zvipenyu (snwiki)
Taksonomia (sqwiki)
Taksonomi (suwiki)
வகைபிரித்தல் (tawiki)
Taksonomiya (tlwiki)
Таксономія (ukwiki)
تصنیفیات (ضدابہام) (urwiki)
Phân loại học (viwiki)
Taxonomiya (kasahiran) (warwiki)
分类学 (wuuwiki)
טאקסאנאמיע (yiwiki)
Taxonomie (zeawiki)
Hun-lūi-ha̍k (zh_min_nanwiki)
分类学 (zhwiki)

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