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2:05 5:50 prioritaire I think that in Italy there is a mvt about the commons but I am very skeptical about the number of...>. (prioritaire dans la 1ere partie histoire de communs en Italie )
.6:12 7:20 prioritaire but is this a question of quality,,, (prioritaire dans la 1ere partie histoire de communs en Italie )
7:47 ..10:29 the difference between Bologna and Barcelona prioritaire?!?
11:05 14:49 prioritaire donc? I very much like the idea of partner state...... ( pertinent et Important)
14:59 16:08 prioritaire donc? yes definitely is a cultural shift that is needed ( pertinent et Important)
17:04 19:23 prioritaire donc? I believe that this is not going to happen....but by the interaction between cities share processes ( pertinent et Important)
20:09 21:50 pertinent these meetings (like gsef) are important …
22:03 23:28 prioritaire My suggestion rather than a message is