De Remix Biens Communs


Hanne Van Reusel will participate at the Commons Watch conference as member of Commons Josaphat. Her work within this citizen collective is in line with her PhD research at the Faculty of Architecture of the KU Leuven (campus Sint-Lucas Brussel). Within the Incubators of Publics Spaces research project she actively takes part in processes of collective visioning and local place-making at and around the Josaphat site. Commons Josaphat is a politically autonomous citizen initiative. We aim to bring the principles of the commons into practice at the Josaphat site in Brussels. In our ambition to lay the foundations for of a more sustainable, participative and just city we focus on this huge wasteland, which the Brussels Capital Region plans to develop into an entire new neighborhood. Departing from already existing commons initiatives, we are collectively working on a realistic proposal to develop the Josaphat neighborhood as a commons.