De Remix Biens Communs

My work centres on designing, developing and evaluating novel, digitally-enabled models of citizen participation that engage communities in developing the future of local service provision, decision-making and democracy. I am currently running the Open Lab: Athens initiative. OLAthens, through the engagement with the social and solidarity economy in Greece and the embedding of researchers in contexts of civic significance, aims at: designing and developing digital systems to facilitate and extend the civic activities of solidarity structures (e.g. systems for logistics, communications, decision-making etc.); and to invent digital systems that will extend the solidarity economy by embedding its values (i.e. equity, cooperation, environmental sustainability etc.) in the design of systems for wider reach.

My previous research projects have involved a set of experiments into participatory methods in digital systems. More generally, I am interested in the intersection of open source software and the solidarity economy, e-participation (e-deliberation, e-contestation), e-democracy and human computer interaction (HCI).