De Remix Biens Communs

I'm probably older than most posters, in my 50s, and have spent my life in the traditional career path (electronics/software). Beyond starting a transition town type of movement here in the South-East corner of France, which has since closed down (few people in this area seem sensitive to the issues the planet is currently facing), my credentials in the Commons area are minimal, but I'm one of the "silent few" who can see clearly what is happening in the world on a climate/ecology/political level, and yet is wondering what on earth I can or should be doing about it. Having worked all my life to afford my own home, I'm not sufficiently financially autonomous to be able to go and do something meaningful (and presumably poorly paid or unpaid). Yet I think that is what I should be focusing on from an ethical and moral standpoint, to contribute what little I may be able to, to change the way things currently are. Preferably without putting into peril the capital I've accumulated over my working life (i.e. my house), and to help my kids who are now adults, in case the world that we've created for them goes completely pear-shaped. But I'm still tempted to take the step, I just don't know where or what. I suspect (hope?) that there are many more in a similar situation.