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What is the European Commons Assembly?

Site web= European Commons Assembly is an ongoing process that facilitates pluralistic debate regarding the strategy and agenda for a fundamentally united political vision. It supports activists’ continued engagement in concrete, collaborative and bottom-up actions and campaigns in Europe, and ultimately helps to build a flourishing European political civil society movement for the commons.

The main objectives were defined in the initial meeting CommonsWatch (see Commons Watch Report):

  • to stand in solidarity around our diverse struggles for the commons,
  • to exchange experiences, case studies and other information,
  • to develop and govern resources in an open, participatory and inclusive manner (funding, infrastructures...) to support our activities,
  • to develop policies to preserve the commons and commoners and participate in lawmaking processes,
  • to strenghten, gain visibility and campaign better
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A Conversation between DiEM25 and Commoners - How to Build an Alternative Together?Vidéo00:24:12EN
Commons Watch ReportEYNAUD LéaTexteEN
Energy as a Common GoodBLANCHET CecileVidéo00:02:41EN
European Commons Assembly, Brussels. 15-17 November 2016Vidéo00:06:19EN
Food as a Common GoodVIVERO Jose LuisVidéo00:03:00EN
Interview with Bob Kartous, EDUinKARTOUS BobVidéo00:04:45EN
Interview with Cecile Blanchet, Commons NetworkBLANCHET CecileVidéo00:04:36EN
Interview with David Juárez, Arquitecturas colectivasJUAREZ DavidVidéo00:12:13EN
Interview with Ernest Urtasun, Member of the European ParliamentURTASUN ErnestVidéo00:04:23EN
Interview with Ismäel Sene, Horizons des comunsSENE IsmäelVidéo00:09:50EN
Interview with Iva Čukić, Ministry of SpaceČUKIC IvaVidéo00:05:58EN
Interview with Kimmo Hokkanen, Ehta RahaHOKKANEN Kimmo
Interview with Marco Clausen, PrinzessinnengartenCLAUSEN MarcoVidéo00:10:59EN
Interview with Nicolas Krausz, Fondation Charles Leopold MayerKRAUSZ NicolasVidéo00:08:26EN
Interview with Silke Helfrich, Commons Strategies GroupHELFRICH SilkeVidéo00:08:53EN
Interview with Sophie Bloemen et David Hammerstein, Commons NetworkBLOEMEN Sophie
Interview with Sophie Ghyselen, Community Land TrustGHYSELEN SophieVidéo00:09:39EN
Right to the CityVidéo00:03:31EN


Policy proposals

Citizen Science Commons, Democracy, Digital Commons, Ecovillages Policy Proposal, Energy Commons, Food Commons v2, LandGalicia Commons, Natural Commons, Solidarity Economy Commons, Territories of Commons, Welfare Commons


Statut du projet Complété
Début 2016
Fin 2018
Porteur(s) de projet Remix the commons, Commons Network
Type d'action Plaidoyer