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A whistleblower (also written as whistle-blower or whistle blower) is a person, often an employee, who reveals information about activity within a private or public organization that is deemed illegal, immoral, illicit, unsafe or fraudulent. Whistleblowers can use a variety of internal or external channels to communicate information or allegations. Over 83% of whistleblowers report internally to a supervisor, human resources, compliance, or a neutral third party within the company, hoping that the company will address and correct the issues. A whistleblower can also bring allegations to light by communicating with external entities, such as the media, government, or law enforcement. Whistleblowing can occur in either the private sector or the public sector. Retaliation is a real risk for whistleblowers, who often pay a heavy price for blowing the whistle. The most common form of retaliation is abrupt termination of employment. However, several other actions may also be considered retaliatory, including extreme increases in workloads, having hours cut drastically, preventing task completion, or bullying. Laws in many countries attempt to protect whistleblowers and to regulate the whistleblowing activities. These laws tend to adopt different approaches to public and private sector whistleblowing. Whistleblowers do not always achieve their aims. For their claims to be credible and successful, they must have compelling evidence to support their claims that the government or regulating body can use or investigate to "prove" such claims and hold corrupt companies and/or government agencies to account.

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كاشف الفساد (arwiki)
İnformator (azwiki)
Разобличител (bgwiki)
হুঁশিয়ারি ঘণ্টাবাদক (bnwiki)
Sacher evezh (brwiki)
Alertador (cawiki)
درکێنەر (ckbwiki)
Whistleblowing (cswiki)
Canu cloch (cywiki)
Whistleblower (dawiki)
Whistleblower (dewiki)
Μάρτυρας δημοσίου συμφέροντος (elwiki)
Whistleblower (enwiki)
Alertador (eswiki)
Vilepuhuja (etwiki)
Barneko salatzaile (euwiki)
افشاگر (fawiki)
Vilepuhoja (fiu_vrowiki)
Pilliin puhaltaja (fiwiki)
Lanceur d'alerte (frwiki)
חושף שחיתות (hewiki)
मुखबिर (hiwiki)
Zviždač (hrwiki)
Leleplező (huwiki)
Իրազեկիչ (hywiki)
Allertator (iawiki)
Pelapor pelanggaran (idwiki)
Denuncanto (iowiki)
Whistleblower (itwiki)
内部告発 (jawiki)
내부고발 (kowiki)
Pranešėjas (ltwiki)
Trauksmes cēlējs (lvwiki)
Свиркач (mkwiki)
വിസിൽബ്ലോവർ (mlwiki)
Pemberi maklumat (mswiki)
Klokkenluider (melder van misstanden) (nlwiki)
Varslar i samfunnet (nnwiki)
Varsling (nowiki)
Quincaire (ocwiki)
Whistleblower (pflwiki)
Sygnalista (demaskator) (plwiki)
Denunciante (ptwiki)
Avertizor de integritate (rowiki)
Информатор (ruwiki)
Zviždač (shwiki)
Whistleblower (simplewiki)
Whistle-blower (skwiki)
Žvižgač (slwiki)
Узбуњивач (srwiki)
Visselblåsare (svwiki)
இடித்துரைப்பாளர்கள் (tawiki)
ผู้แจ้งเบาะแส (thwiki)
Bilgi uçurma (trwiki)
Інформатор (ukwiki)
ویزل بلوئر (urwiki)
Informator (uzwiki)
Người thổi còi (viwiki)
吹哨人 (wuuwiki)
篤灰 (zh_yuewiki)
吹哨人 (zhwiki)

Q26102 Whistleblower