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Ana Miranda, spokesperson of the political party BNG from Galiza, former galician member of the European Parliament (MEP) and next MEP in 2018-2019. We work in different common issues in our stateless Nation, Galiza, and also here in Brussels, translating to the EC different proposals, resolutions and doing political incidence helping people and communities with the social, environmental and participative focus. We are in permanent contact with the galician land commons organisation: Organización Galega de Comunidades de Montes Vecinhais en Man Común (ORGACCMM), voice of the land commons and they contact me to participate in the next Assembly. Alfredo Pereira, the president fot ORGACCMM and other common are coming for the event.

This land system in Galiza in this kind of special common property with germanic origin (Montes Vecinhais de Man Commún) are commons collective land and the property belong to the community, with independence of the change of members, the only condition to be co-owner and have rights on the land is to be neighbourg and the rights of transmission is collective and not individually; the management of common resources are also collective and democratic. The "Montes en Mán Común" have a social, ecological and productive fonction in the rural areas. The land commons have 2900 communities in 248

You can find more information about them here: http://orgaccmm.blogaliza.org/encontrandonos/