Murs à Pêches de Montreuil

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The Murs à Pêches is an orchard in Montreuil Ile-de-France that dates back to the 16th century. The space is about 35 hectares and it consists of a multitude of gardens, natural spaces, and historical/patrimonial artifacts (including the walls that were built at the beginning of its existence). Today, it currently serves its community as a commonly-used natural space, providing ecosystem services such as urban gardening and nature. A variety of different fruits and vegetables grow there, and many of the farming techniques used to grow these fruits and vegetables are derived from a known urban agriculture school in Versailles.

The area is attracting a lot of developers who want to use this space as an area for housing, transportation, and recreation against the will of the nearby residents who use and depend on this space. As a result, local associations that represent the community are in a political fight to preserve this space. The complexity of property-rights, especially since the Murs à Pêches is a protected patrimonial site, is only complicating this political fight. 

In addition, a festival was introduced in the orchard 20 years ago to host a series of cultural events, and its popularity continues to grow today. This festival hosts several community-based initiatives and serves as a vital event to render this space visible to the public. As a result, the festival is considered to be one of the main tools used to support the preservation of this space.