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Sultan, Frédéric. “(M)ES et communs, dialogue et compagnonnage.” In L’économie solidaire en mouvement, Ères., 5. Sociologie économique, 2022.

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Solidarity is an awareness of shared interests, objectives, standards, and sympathies creating a psychological sense of unity of groups or classes. It is based on class collaboration. It refers to the ties in a society that bind people together as one. The term is generally employed in sociology and the other social sciences as well as in philosophy and bioethics. It is also a significant concept in Catholic social teaching; therefore it is a core concept in Christian democratic political ideology. What forms the basis of solidarity and how it is implemented vary between societies. In global south societies it may be mainly based on kinship and shared values while global north societies accumulate various theories as to what contributes to a sense of solidarity, or rather, social cohesion. Unlike collectivism, solidarism does not reject individuals and sees individuals as the basis of society. Solidarity is also one of six principles of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and December 20 of each year is International Human Solidarity Day recognized as an international observance. Concepts of solidarity are mentioned in the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, but not defined clearly. As biotechnology and biomedical enhancement research and production increase, the need for distinct definition of solidarity within healthcare system frameworks is important. However, solidarity is not mentioned in the European Convention on Human Rights nor in the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights and has hence lesser legal meaning when compared to basic rights.

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