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Objet(s) de commun : Démocratie participative,  co-creation  Action(s) : socio-ecological memory  Résultat(s) attendu(s) : Preservation  

This document shows the community discussion taking place in the territory of Bo'ness, in Falkirk. The discussion took place in May 25th, 2017 and hosted a total number of 50 attendees. Themes in the discussions included quality of jobs, cheaper energy for consumers, impacts of environmental and public health, local geological impacts, lack of regulation, exploitation, and economic disbenefits. The overall result of these discussions was that the presence of unconventional oil and gas drilling would not be beneficial to the community, but would instead harm the community. The bottom of this document includes a formal request by the community to respect their position in the decision to allow or disallow conventional oil and gas drilling in the area.


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