Commons Space (FSM 2016, Montréal)

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Commons Space (FSM 2016, Montréal)WSF FSM 2016
Date de début 2016/08/09
Date de fin 2016/08/13
Action du type Plaidoyer
Organisateur de l'événement Remix the commons, Communautique, LARTES, percolab, P2P Foundation, VECAM, Gazibo
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Médias produits lors de cet événement

Bolivia la necesaria participacion ciudadana00:25:23ES
Changer la politique avec les communs00:27:00FR
Commons as new political subject00:27:10EN
Communs et transition00:12:51FR
Fracaso de los comunes y del buen vivir en Bolivia00:25:46ES
Histoire récente de l'économie sociale au Québec00:19:48FR
La montée en puissance des communs du local au global00:44:03FR
Les communs au coeur d'un projet politique alternatif00:16:52FR
Les communs dans l'histoire de l'économie00:20:16FR
Les communs dans le mouvement altermondialiste00:32:20FR
Les communs dans l’espace politique00:25:00FR
Les communs en jeu... de cartes00:03:11FR
Rapprocher les communs des parlementaires européens00:30:59FR
The commons in the USA00:11:31EN
The rise of the commons in Italy00:27:24EN

Commons Space was a self-organized and distributed space open during the 2016 World Social Forum in Montreal. Based at ECTO coworking cooperative in the Plateau neighborhood, the space welcomed individuals and organizations that hosted a variety of activities around the commons. The aims were:

- Sharing practices and building alliances for the defense and creation of the commons, - Developing and sharing commons based policies for cities, regions and countries, - Building a convergence of commoners through continued dialogue on shared causes and strategies with movements working on transition such as : Degrowth, Political Ecology, Social Solidarity Economy, etc. }}

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Organization of Commons Space was open and horizontal, and used series of pads (collaborative online writing tools). Many of these pads are documented here:

The space also helped to solidify commoners' local and international networks and promoted: - Documenting and disseminating knowledge on the Commons based on shared experiences and learning. - Concretely supporting the creation, reappropriation or conservation of existing and emerging commons through actions or projects based on mutual assistance and commitment. - Developing the practice of Commoning based on creative and collaborative skills and as a way of life.

KRIKORIAN Gaelle, Frédéric Sultan, Nicole Leonard, Alain Ambrosi, Yves Otis, HELFRICH Silke, Jon Richter, PORTUGAL Claudia, ROSSIAUD Jean, CANGELOSI Elisabetta, FLANAGAN Kevin, HUNT Elizabeth,