Community Chartering and Connecting Scotland Submission to the Scottish Unconventional Oil and Gas Consultation 2017

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Objet(s) de commun : Co-création,  démocratie participative  Enjeu(x) : Socio-ecological Memory  Résultat(s) attendu(s) : preservation  

This document is an overall summary on the support and facilitation of 16 group discussions facilitated by the Community Chartering Association and the communities who are fighting a legal battle against unconventional oil and gas in their territories. The group discussions are hosted by community councils representing the communities in action. From this discussion, it is evident that an overwhelming majority of community members are against unconventional oil and gas production in the area. They have collectively decided that oil and gas would not benefit their community in terms of employment, energy security, or reductions in household energy bills. As a result, this discussion allows a charter (written and decided upon by the communities with the facilitation and support of Community Chartering) to be proposed to the Scottish government to put a moratorium on oil and gas drilling in the area, a legal battle that is won by the communities. These discussions are important to highlight in this initiative because it shows many recurring themes existant throughout the Atlas of the Charter of Urban Commons project. Such recurring themes are evident in the creation of the charter and the positive outcomes this charter had in protecting the neighboring lands of the communities.


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