Geek Politics

De Remix Biens Communs

" Geek Politics " is a Belgian web documentary that offers you to go deep into the world of hackers, the Pirate Parties , but also those states and companies that are locking each day a little more the internet we use. This project invites you to discover the world of unknown hackers and others hiding behind the Internet, the network of networks that you and I we use every day. You will see by browsing videos webdoc, it is far from here fantasized image of evil hacker behind the screen trying to hack into your bank account to relieve you of a few euros. No, we are talking about communities of actors, some of which have developed the most widely used software in the world, and participate in the development of new forms of democracy. We are talking about men and women who refuse to see Internet controlled and locked by states and specialized companies. Because the risks of censorship are indeed real. And speaking of the Pirate Party also this from northern Europe that gradually spreading across Europe.