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Intellectual property (IP) is a category of property that includes intangible creations of the human intellect. There are many types of intellectual property, and some countries recognize more than others. The most well-known types are copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. The modern concept of intellectual property developed in England in the 17th and 18th centuries. The term "intellectual property" began to be used in the 19th century, though it was not until the late 20th century that intellectual property became commonplace in the majority of the world's legal systems. The main purpose of intellectual property law is to encourage the creation of a wide variety of intellectual goods. To achieve this, the law gives people and businesses property rights to the information and intellectual goods they create, usually for a limited period of time. This gives economic incentive for their creation, because it allows people to benefit from the information and intellectual goods they create, and allows them to protect their ideas and prevent copying. These economic incentives are expected to stimulate innovation and contribute to the technological progress of countries, which depends on the extent of protection granted to innovators. The intangible nature of intellectual property presents difficulties when compared with traditional property like land or goods. Unlike traditional property, intellectual property is "indivisible", since an unlimited number of people can "consume" an intellectual good without it being depleted. Additionally, investments in intellectual goods suffer from problems of appropriation: a landowner can surround their land with a robust fence and hire armed guards to protect it, but a producer of information or literature can usually do very little to stop their first buyer from replicating it and selling it at a lower price. Balancing rights so that they are strong enough to encourage the creation of intellectual goods but not so strong that they prevent the goods' wide use is the primary focus of modern intellectual property law.

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ملكية فكرية (arwiki)
Propiedá intelectual (astwiki)
Əqli mülkiyyət (azwiki)
Geischtigs Eigentum (barwiki)
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মেধা সম্পদ (bnwiki)
Intelektualno vlasništvo (bswiki)
Propietat intel·lectual (cawiki)
خاوەندارێتی بیرۆکەیی (ckbwiki)
Duševní vlastnictví (cswiki)
Immaterialret (dawiki)
Geistiges Eigentum (dewiki)
Geistiges Eigentum (dewikiquote)
Διανοητική ιδιοκτησία (elwiki)
Intellectual property (enwiki)
Intellectual property (enwikiquote)
Intelekta propraĵo (eowiki)
Propiedad intelectual (eswiki)
Intellektuaalne omand (etwiki)
Intellektuaalomand (etwikiquote)
Jabetza intelektual (euwiki)
مالکیت فکری (fawiki)
Immateriaalioikeus (fiwiki)
Propriété intellectuelle (frwiki)
Catégorie:Propriété intellectuelle (frwikinews)
Propiedade intelectual (glwiki)
קניין רוחני (hewiki)
बौद्धिक सम्पदा (hiwiki)
Intelektualno vlasništvo (hrwiki)
Szellemi alkotás (huwiki)
Մտավոր սեփականություն (hywiki)
Kekayaan intelektual (idwiki)
Hugverk (iswiki)
Proprietà intellettuale (itwiki)
知的財産権 (jawiki)
ინტელექტუალური საკუთრება (kawiki)
Зияткерлік меншік (kkwiki)
កម្មសិទ្ធិបញ្ញា (kmwiki)
지식 재산권 (kowiki)
Proprietas intellectualis (lawiki)
Intelektinė nuosavybė (ltwiki)
Intelektuālais īpašums (lvwiki)
Интелектуална сопственост (mkwiki)
ബൗദ്ധികസ്വത്തവകാശം (mlwiki)
Оюуны өмч (mnwiki)
Harta intelek (mswiki)
बौद्धिक सम्पत्ति (newiki)
Intellectueel eigendom (nlwiki)
Åndsrett (nnwiki)
Immaterialrett (nowiki)
ਬੌਧਿਕ ਸੰਪਤੀ (pawiki)
Własność intelektualna (plwiki)
Propriedade intelectual (ptwiki)
Proprietate intelectuală (rowiki)
Интеллектуальная собственность (ruwiki)
Intellectual property (scowiki)
Intelektualna svojina (shwiki)
Intellectual property (simplewiki)
Duševné vlastníctvo (skwiki)
Intelektualna lastnina (slwiki)
Intelektualna svojina (srwiki)
Immaterialrätt (svwiki)
அறிவுசார் சொத்து (tawiki)
Моликияти зеҳнӣ (tgwiki)
ทรัพย์สินทางปัญญา (thwiki)
Fikrî mülkiyet hukuku (trwiki)
Інтелектуальна власність (ukwiki)
فکری ملکیت (urwiki)
Intellektual mulk (uzwiki)
Sở hữu trí tuệ (viwiki)
知识产权 (wuuwiki)
Tì-sek châi-sán-koân (zh_min_nanwiki)
知識產權 (zh_yuewiki)
知识产权 (zhwiki)

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