Interview David Bollier / Benjamin Coriat, Part 1: State of the dispute of the commons

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Dans la collection : Entrevue David Bollier et Benjamin Coriat

Enjeu(x) : Tragédie des communs  

Part 1 of the discussion between David Bollier and Benjamin Coriat in June 2015 at Paris.

Benjamin Coriat and David Bollier discuss of the visions of the commons, starting from the question asked to Benjamin Coriat : you are an economist. You are working for the recognition of the commons, writer of "Le retour des communs", published last May. We are in 2015, what about the state of the dispute around the commons launched by the article of Harding The Tragedy Of The Commons today ?

It appears that there is now a large consensus around the idea that Harding's arguments are wrong for the local commons, but there is always debate for the global commons (climate, ocean, ...) and a need for a strong work in this fields.


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