Interview David Bollier / Benjamin Coriat, Part 2: Contributions of the recent French litterature on the commons

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Part 2 of the discussion between David Bollier and Benjamin Coriat in June 2015 at Paris.

What is the contribution of the French litterature on the commons published during the two last years in France especially ? Starting from this question, B. Coriat presents the complementarity of the works done on three directions :

  • Ethos of the commons (Dardot and Laval)
  • Nature and role of legal mecanisms and conceptions of the commons for thinking the commons (Repenser les biens communs,

Jacques De Saint-Victor and Béatrice Parence)

  • problems relative to specific types of commons

Follows a discussion by B. Coriat and D. Bollier of the issues of democracy at stake (especially the need of a new theory of the bureaucraty for the left) beyond the persective supported by Dardot and Laval (Commons as a new attitude, lifestyle and behavior).


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