Shieldhill and California UOG Community Discussion Outcomes

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Objet(s) de commun : Démocratie participative,  Démocratie locale  Enjeu(x) : Socio-ecological Memory  Résultat(s) attendu(s) : Preservation  

This document shows the community discussion taking place in the territory of Shieldhill and California, in Falkirk. The discussion took place on September 21st, 2016 and hosted a total number of 35 attendees. Themes in the discussions included jobs, community incentives, compensation, economic benefits, cheaper fuel bills, impact on properties, health implications, impacting on the economy in terms of farming, wildlife, and overall environment, hydrogeological impacts, impacts on local traffic and infrastructure, community setbacks, and lack of investment in renewable energy. The overall result of these discussions was that the presence of unconventional oil and gas drilling would not be beneficial to the community, but would instead harm the community. The bottom of this document includes a series of comments and issues challenging the Scottish Government to provide answers to the communities' well being (especially in themes such as trust in the regulatory framework, trust in information, community benefits and public services, and trust in elected representatives if unconventional oil and gas drilling is allowed.


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