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Degrowth (in French: décroissance, in Spanish: decrecimiento, in Italian: decrescita, in Catalan: decreixement, in German: Postwachstum, in Polish: postwzrost) is a political, economic, and social movement based on ecological economics, anti-consumerist and anti-capitalist ideas. It is also considered an essential economic strategy responding to the limits-to-growth dilemma (see The Path to Degrowth in Overdeveloped Countries and post-growth). Degrowth thinkers and activists advocate for the downscaling of production and consumption—the contraction of economies—arguing that overconsumption lies at the root of long term environmental issues and social inequalities. Key to the concept of degrowth is that reducing consumption does not require individual martyring or a decrease in well-being. Rather, "degrowthists" aim to maximize happiness and well-being through non-consumptive means—sharing work, consuming less, while devoting more time to art, music, family, culture and community.

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تراجع النمو (arwiki)
Decrecimientu (astwiki)
Дегроут (bgwiki)
Decreixement (cawiki)
Nerůst (cswiki)
Wachstumskritik (dewiki)
Αποανάπτυξη (elwiki)
Degrowth (enwiki)
Daŭripova nekresko (eowiki)
Decrecimiento (eswiki)
Mittekasv (etwiki)
Desazkunde (euwiki)
مهار رشد (fawiki)
Degrowth (fiwiki)
Décroissance (frwiki)
Décroissance (frwikibooks)
Décroissance (frwikiquote)
Decrecemento (glwiki)
Nemnövekedés (huwiki)
Decrescita (itwiki)
Decrescita (itwikiquote)
反成長 (jawiki)
Decrementum (lawiki)
Neaugsme (lvwiki)
Degrowth (nlwiki)
Descreissença (economia) (ocwiki)
Degrowth (plwiki)
Degrowth (plwikiquote)
Decrescimento (economia) (ptwiki)
Антирост (ruwiki)
Nerväxt (svwiki)
Küçülme (trwiki)
Антизростання (ukwiki)
Giảm phát triển (viwiki)
去增长 (zhwiki)

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