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Subsidiarity is a principle of social organization that holds that social and political issues should be dealt with at the most immediate (or local) level that is consistent with their resolution. The Oxford English Dictionary defines subsidiarity as "the principle that a central authority should have a subsidiary function, performing only those tasks which cannot be performed at a more local level". The concept is applicable in the fields of government, political science, neuropsychology, cybernetics, management and in military command (mission command). The OED adds that the term "subsidiarity" in English follows the early German usage of "Subsidiarität". More distantly, it is derived from the Latin verb subsidio (to aid or help), and the related noun subsidium (aid or assistance). Subsidiarity is also a general principle of European Union law. In the United States of America, the principle of States' Rights is enshrined in the constitution. Although the concept is older and may originate with the writings of Calvinist protestant law-philosopher Althusius (Johannes Althaus) in 1603, its expression in the term "subsidiarity" was first coined in 1891 by the Roman Catholic Church for its social teaching.(Further information: Subsidiarity (Catholicism))

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